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Our signature 45 minute class takes riders on a fat burning journey! Riding to the beat of the music, we incorporate the entire body through each and every song! Expect amazing upper body work with our small [but oh so mighty] weights!

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We take core strengthening to the next level in our 45 minute TidalTone classes! You can expect all the same great moves as our Wheel classes, but with a little extra help from resistance bands, you are sure to "feel the burn!"

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Endurance Ride

As if 45 minutes are not enough, our Endurance Rides bring the power with 80 minutes of full body strengthening! Our two class leading instructors will be working hard right along with you!

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We know stepping into a new work out can be intimidating... But at TidalWheel, we want you to feel comfortable when you step it to your first class! Our Tidal101 workshop will highlight everything there is to learn about our studio, bike setup, clip-in shoes, hand positions, and choreography on the bike. This class is not just for beginners, so feel free to brush up your moves with us every couple of months!

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Charity Ride

A 45-minute TidalWheel class for which all proceeds are donated to a specified charity. We run our Charity Rides quarterly at each location, and are happy to help our members by supporting their requested organization!

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Our 45-minute FREE Community Rides allow us to introduce our new instructors to our TidalWheel community!

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